Cheryl's second book The Dusty Cupboard
The people of Coolwash are in danger, a prophecy foretells the Chosen One will return to save them.
Jack Bodkin is just an ordinary boy having fun with his friend
until he finds his grandfather`s old book. A small statue and a dazzling light throws them into the path of a dribbling shag pile carpet and adventure.
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Cheryl's first book Dragons Dung
After a number of years dreaming and struggling I have finally published a book.
It is called Dragon's Dung and it is aimed mainly at children,
or silly people like us.

Millicent is the only one who can rescue her father when he becomes imprisoned in Yarra by the fearsome Warrnambool.
She is helped by a small dragon, her cousin and her cat, but as a young witch her powers are stretched to the limit in the adventures they incur.
Her patience is also tested by the antics of her mischievous goat Pesky.
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