For those interested in the logistics
The cameras are located on the top of Babs Carn Lowertown.
They are powered by two12 volt car batteries and a 100 watt solar panel. They are wireless cams and the signal is picked up in Middletown by a dish aerial on the end of a barn to get line of site.It is then wired into the house where it is processed and uploaded to the internet.
Looking west towards
Babs Carn from behind the dish aerial

Looking east from the camera
back to Middletown.
The barn is just about dead center of the picture
Closer, there is the barn with
the dish aerial behind.
And that's the dish that picks up the signal from the camera
There they are, the cameras are mounted on a mast bolted to the rock.The
solar panel fixed to the rock behind.
Thank you Peter Dunne
I have never given Peter credit for his contribution to the web cam. Peter is my fountain of knowledge on things computer and camera. Over the years he has provided me with equipment and advice which has enabled me to provide the pictures. Without his help and enthusiasm none of this would have happened.